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THE BEST DIRECT MARKETING COPY GETS RESPONSES AND RESULTS. Dunne Direct Results delivers you winning Direct Marketing copy - from sweepstakes copywriting to lottery mailers, from direct mail promotions to the web.

I'm Stephen Dunne and have over 25 years experience as a direct marketing copywriter - getting measurable results and big winners. Whether you are looking for more effective sweeps report copywriting or sweepstakes copywriting, contest or lotteries promotions, web or psychic copy get in touch with Dunne Direct Results today.

There's no substitute for a proven track record for creating direct marketing copywriting winners.
Since 1988 as a direct marketing copywriter I've produced over 1,000 promotion packages with a success rate of over 70% - from single letters to entire promotion packs.

  • In 8 years as a copywriter / senior copywriter at Reader's Digest I produced over 120 creative concepts, with an 80% success rate. Many of these winners as a sweepstakes copywriter became international winners and domainant DM themes.
  • My DM copywriting packs have been winners in global markets including the United States, Canada, Hong Kong, Japan, Germany, United Kingdom and Australia.
  • As a sweepstakes copywriter I've produced over 250 winning sweeps and sweeps reports copywriting packs
  • As a freelance copywriter I've produced more than 600 winning direct mail promotions for Lotteries, multi-tiered Contests and more.

With Dunne Direct Results your direct marketing efforts will have stronger themes, effective copy that will hook your customer and strong direct mail copywriting themes that will sell your company and your product. Working with Dunne Direct Results will see your direct marketing promotions deliver significant while, importantly, keeping to legal compliance standards.

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My web copywriting will engage your prospective customer and keep them on your site... then you can let selling begin! As an SEO copywriter I have the proven ability to strengthen your website content and lay a solid foundation for your web presence with strong Search Engine Optimisation copy that will engage both the reader and search engines. By choosing Dunne Direct Results you will have stronger selling copy, more traffic and better conversions.

25 years experience in creating direct marketing copywriting winners. Based in Sydney, Australia I control all aspects of the copy and creative you receive. My broad knowledge of selling techniques and creating winning concepts will ensure your prospective customers will be engaged and ready to deal with you. Whether generating stronger responses for your direct amrketing efforts or strengthening your web site as a direct marketing copywriter we can work together and will get the job done! For stronger sweepstakes copy, sweeps reports copywriting, lotteries promotions or anything DM - get in touch today.

Stephen Dunne
Stephen Dunne